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“A tattoo without a story has no soul.”

Caesar hunts for a piece that challenges anything that’s been inked before. And you will be his inspiration. Together, you will manifest your design branded with Caesar’s iconic style and flair: a masterpiece of ink that’s exclusively your own.

25+ Years Of Tattooing Black And Gray Realism

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“I want to represent my Native American heritage but I don’t want it to be any ordinary chieftain. The themes I want for are the wildness of nature and the beautiful humanity of the Native Americans as the inseparable core of my identity.”

-Alex B

“Let’s incorporate the elegant paintings of Lee Bogle. The challenge will be translating the paint on canvas to ink on your skin. I want the buffalos to feel alive. It will be tremendously rewarding to transfer the texture of their coats as well as the energetic movement of nature.”


“The most important part of this tattoo is the theme of power. In it I want you to paint my journey through the challenges of my marriages and the families I have raised through them.”

-Alen R

“We can capture your memories chronologically in the tattoo’s compositional flow. The spider itself will not be a problem for me. What’s tricky is the webbing. Representing a delicate, spiderweb in black and gray will require a lot of foresight and zero mistakes to get it right.”


*Sets down a bag of plaques.*

“Here are all the symbols that mean the most to me. I would like you to make a piece combining all of them.”

-Enrico M

“The most difficult aspect will be seamlessly flowing through each one. I know some clever and unorthodox methods to bridge these symbols. Let’s start off with uniform lighting for each and every plaque, the piece will look completely off without that. “


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