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Your story has power. The major events in your life, the lessons you learned, your passion and your beliefs all have a huge impact on your personality. I believe that if you dare to show your story on your skin and express who you are, it’ll make you stronger.

But how? We’ll add up your soul, my art, and world-class quality. Your ideas will materialize in the form of unique tattoos on your skin thru my artistic vision. I’ll listen carefully to your story and put myself in your shoes. No bullshit, just plain speaking. Then I’ll let my imagination fly and feel your vibes to get you a f*king awesome piece of art.

Honesty is the pillar of artwork. So, your Caesar tattoos will not only give you visual satisfaction, but an honest, personalized meaning for a life-time you can hold onto. And this will help you own your story as a badass individuality.


Caesar Tattoos

I create realistic custom pieces of artwork such as portraits, pin-ups, wildlife, and so on. I also design tribal and other black work tattoos, biomechanical pieces and all kinds of fantasy and nonfigurative stuff. Tribal pieces require more patience during the procedure and a different kind of attention to technical knowledge compared to other styles.

I am a perfection-driven artist striving to improve and learn, so I ALWAYS choose quantity over quality.

And you know, custom pieces require TIME. I take my time and all my creative efforts to develop the perfect design for you, and it takes at least as much time to create something from scratch as it does to apply it on the skin. To put the right shape in the right spot with the right values and the right highlights can be difficult. But besides my time, you get all my undivided ATTENTION.


One design, one client

You’re one of a kind, so is your story. Thus, I build the design exclusively for YOU. I always design tattoos individually, according to the concept and placement. So, you can be certain that you won’t run into another person on the street with the exact same design as you.

It’s your body, and you only live once. Make a candid statement and be proud of your story!

Here is how I’ll sync my ink to what you think 

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