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The process of getting your custom Caesar tattoo has two steps:

1. Consultation

You will tell me about your plans so we can find out whether we resonate with each other. That costs NO MONEY to you.

If we decide to move on with the process, you’ll need to secure your spot in my calendar with a non-refundable DEPOSIT.

No design work will start without the deposit.

Then, we’ll discuss the ideas and possibilities for your custom design and set up your tattoo appointments. As I do large pieces, your tattoo will require multiple sessions, thus it can’t be done in one go. And the dates of your appointments will depend on how fast you wanna proceed – one session a month, two, and so on). If you are in a rush, we can do back to back days to make serious progress.

2. Tattoo sessions

In the initial session, you’ll sit next to me and we’ll start brainstorming. In other words, we’ll merge ideas with the upcoming design (in case of a remote preparation process, we can do it via phone and email too).
When we have sufficient design material, I’ll start torturing you. And I’m sorry man, but I can’t let you leave the shop with the final design, neither electronically, nor physically.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind Before You Make an Appointment


        • Your initial idea will kick off my creative flow, so it’s good if you have one before we get in touch. 
        • Every Caesar tattoo is an honest job. It means that I’ll tell you right away if something is cool or not. If your idea is cheese or doesn’t trigger a unique translation in me, I’ll tell you immediately. There’ll be no hidden info or thoughts. This is how I keep my pieces unique and fresh.
        • I AM NOT GONNA tattoo you if you’re under 18. It does not matter if you have the consent of your parent or legal guardian. Even if they’re present in the shop, it’s a no-no. 
        • In order to determine your needs and our ability to complete your request, all tattoos require an in-person consultation prior to the agreed appointment. We are unable to give prices over the phone.
        • Once we agree to the tattooing request, you must provide us with a phone number and email address, in order for us to confirm the appointment date. A deposit amount is also required. For more information about deposits, please visit our Deposit Policy.
        • At the time of the tattoo appointment, you MUST bring a state-issued photo ID with you. According to state regulations, we must then make a copy of it prior to beginning the initial tattoo session. All release forms must be completed prior to each tattoo session.
        • After the tattoo session, we will provide you an aftercare sheet, which contains our detailed recommendations for ensuring your tattoo work heals properly.

      Having a tattoo under the age of 18 is prohibited by law in the state of New York.

            • Walk-ins are welcome, but Caesar Tattoo is a by-appointment-only tattoo shop, so if you just walk in randomly, please note that I might not able to take care of you. 

Deposit Policy

Any design process, drawing or tattoo work will have a minimum of 10 hours tattoo work and $500 deposit. This amount covers the first two hours of tattooing and comes off from the total cost of the tattoo. In addition, it makes the project get going and secures your time with me. Charge runs with the tattooed hours as we go. No flat rates! If you can’t make the scheduled appointment for any reason, I require a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to the appointment. If I am not contacted in the allotted time, the deposit will be kept as a set up fee.

In case of multiple days of reservation in a row (for out of state/country customers), the required deposit is $250/day. For example: Taking 3 days in a row requires 3x $250 for securing those days.

No design process begins until the deposit is paid in full –

*** All Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE ***

Before scheduling a consultation, please email me all of the ideas that you have, and bring in any references with you at the time of our consultation. Let me know what time and day you prefer to meet.

Thank you!


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