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With unique experience comes unique perspective. And what style could be more distinct than that of a rogue artist who has created and honed his style from scratch, with no traditional teachers and influence? After decades of refinement, there is no tattoo style like Caesar’s on the market.

Claiming a new iconic style is rare for a reason. It requires someone with tremendous discipline and passion in order to see it through. It means taking the long road, choosing one’s own style every step of the way with unclouded eyes, never borrowing someone’s work. Caesar set his eyes on this lofty goal in early 2000, moving to the United States from Hungary with the goal of becoming an icon tattooist in New York City. He has overcome not knowing any English and having started with nothing, driven by sheer determination and principles. Caesar’s style is unlike any other. He knows what it means to stand out and take risks no reasonable person would chance. He is capable of what no on else does, because he’s lived it.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Caesar’s extraordinary journey exposed him to all walks of life. The bravery of Hungary, the freedom of America, the peace of New Zealand, the beauty of Costa Rica and countless other places. Thousands of clients made something clear to Caesar: no person and tattoo must be the same. A tattoo piece must be as integral to someone’s identity and the life that they lead.

There are three principles that Caesar lives by: excellence, bravery, and integrity.

Regarding excellence, for Caesar, what makes a life worth living is to strive towards perfection. It is his commitment to becoming the very best that is evident in each of his work.

Regarding bravery, it is impossibly frightening to jump into a foreign country headfirst and earn the title of a top artist. There was never a guarantee. With that looming uncertainty that confronted him every day, he has challenged that fear.

And regarding integrity, it is what sets Caesar apart. There is nothing to stop an artist from deceiving their customer when they do not know any better. But Caesar treats the customer as an extension of his own honor. Even though clients do not know enough to seek high quality ink, Caesar feels that it is right to give them the best ink, even if it does not turn a profit. His Killer Silver Ink is one of the few ink lines that is non-cancerous and EU-certified. His REBEL tattoo machines are specifically manufactured to his design, to reflect the most efficient and finest tattoo experience for both the artist and the client.

To truly be different means having that difference reflect in all aspects of your life and work. Caesar’s tattooing has been forged from trial by fire, and reflects the core of his principles things he has accomplished.

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