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1. Schedule a Consultation Using Form Below

Below describe the idea you have in mind. And on the day of the consultation, email and bring any and all references you have in mind. The more and higher quality references you bring, the better. Also do not forget your ID.

2. In-Person Consultation and Deposit

You and Caesar determine if your idea & character fits his expertise. In order to proceed with designs, you must make a deposit of $500. This deposit will go 100% towards your inking. The designing process is free with the deposit.

3. Session Zero: Designing [Possibly Same Day]

You and Caesar will start constructing the composition and placement of the tattoo, assisted by your references. Caesar will take his time with you in order to fully visualize and incorporate your ideas and suggestions. If there is time, you may even start inking that day.

4. First Inking Session and Onwards

Because large pieces often span multiple days, you can either choose to spread out your inking session over time [weekly or monthly] or back to back [day to day]. Caesar’s hourly rate is $250 and paid at the start of each inking session.

*Walk-ins are welcome but appointments will be prioritized. If unsure, call ahead at (646) 454-9977!

*You must be 18 years or older.

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